PharmaSkill Consult Ltd

PharmaSkill Consult  is a pharmaceutical consultancy firm based in East Africa.   The firm offers specialized services in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products according to current Good manufacturing Practice (cGMP). 

The East African Community (EAC) where the firm is located is comprised of five member countries namely; Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi with a total population of about 150 million people.  About 80% of drugs used by the EAC are imported from various countries mainly india and china.  Our service model shall focus mainly on pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities' main goal, which  is; "Quality Assurance."

PharmaSkill Consult LtdConsultants is a pharmaceutical consultancy firm with the Head Office located in Kampala – Uganda.  This service firm was started by two Ugandans who were inspired to improve  skills of Pharmaceutical manufacturing companies who are interested in marketing Pharmaceutical products within the East African Region.  Hence, PharmaSkill Consult LtdConsultants aims to improve people’s lives through providing skills that empower manufacturers to avail the East African market with good quality, safe and efficacious medicines.

Our Core Values

We emphasize high moral and ethical standards.

We are highly dedicated, assure just on time delivery

We collaborate in achieving a common goal and striving toward that goal.
We uphold the highest ethical standards and take collective responsibility for our actions.

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Learn Just How You Can Conveniently Connect With

Learn Just How You Can Conveniently Connect With

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We ensure that;

  • Product dossiers intended for submission to regulatory authorities conform to the EAC and International  standard.
  • Quality Management Systems of our clients match with the EAC and International  standards.
  • Our clients' pharmaceutical manufacturing facility complies with "Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP)."
  • Our clients who wish to Establish pharmaceutical manufacturing factories or upgrading of the existing factories are provided with expertise to enable them conform to Medicines Regulatory Authorities.
  • Our clients' training needs are assessed and specialized training programmes designed to suit individual requirements, in the following areas; GMP, GCP, GDP GLP ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 17025,

To empower pharmaceutical manufacturers with up-to-date pharmaceutical skills to produce good quality medicines for improving people’s lives.

To provide the best Pharmaceutical skills & regulatory consulting services to our clients to enable them to avail the East Africa market with good quality, safe and efficacious medicines.

The leading provider of Pharmaceutical  skills & regulatory consulting services in East Africa.

Our Objectives

  • To provide skills which will enable pharmaceutical manufacturers to review product dossiers, to conform to regulatory requirements.
  • To carry out professional mock GMP Audits of pharmaceutical manufacturers and their API contract manufacturers.
  • To review Quality Management System (QMS) documents as agreed with the client.
  • To assess laboratories for compliance to GLP and ISO/IEC 17025 Standard.

Our Service delivery methodology

The PS consultants will receive a completed dossier from the client, evaluate the information therein and prepare a professional report highlighting areas that require improvement, if any. We will then empower your staff with relevant skills to enable them bridge the identified gaps and prepare a final dossier for submission to the Drug Regulatory Authority. This will shorten the time which you would otherwise spend bouncing at drug regulatory authorities due submission of incomplete documentation

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